Our Staff

3 years ago

Administrative Staff
David Cutler, Principal
Linda Ranieri, Secretary to the Principal

Susan Young - School Nurse, RN, BSN

Professional Staff

Jacqueline Farese, School Adjustment Counselor

Coleen Zappala –  School Adjustment Counselor

Michelle Nolan-   Guidance and Transition Counselor

David Acerra, Visual Arts
Justin Scott, Mathematics
Matthew Flaherty, History/Social Studies Department
Kimberly Sugden, Science
Dana Mason – English Language Arts Composition

Veronica Higgins- English Language Arts Literature  
Susan Considine, Instructional Learning Assistant 

Sheila Ryan, Instructional Learning Assistant 
John Zappala – Team Chair

Toni Gigliello- Special Education Secretary

Luke MacPherson, Special Education Academic Interventionist/ILC
Duke Farese, Technology Room Support



3 years ago

Staff members continuously participate in professional development, in their respective disciplines. Understanding the unique learning needs of students and providing differentiated, tiered instruction is the goal. Assessment and progress monitoring provide for curriculum adaptations ensuring that our students are prepared for a high school diploma. Students meet or exceed MCAS and R.I. Portfolio expectations.

The Primavera Center is proud to offer a technology program where students refurbish computers. Staffed by Duke Farese, students learn about hardware and software applications and can build a computer to take home. Donations are welcome.

Work Study is an option for students in good academic standing. Community Service Projects capsulize students' learning at the Paul J. Primavera Center. Life Skills themes are woven into our Health and Wellness curriculum. Counseling services are an essential component of the program. Counseling is provided by our Adjustment Counselor, School Psychologist, and contracted service providers.

The Center is fortunate to have many volunteers and student interns who share their wealth of experience in computer technology, education, social work, art therapy and food service. In addition, parents provide an extremely valuable resource to the Center providing feedback and other support. The Center also welcomes helping professional connections to the individual students from many community service and public organizations.